SMW0979 Portland Stag Art

Looking for unique Portland stag art?

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Denene liked the SMW893 Portland Stag we created for another client.  But, she wanted to tweak it just a bit.  Could we make Mt Hood a little more snow capped?  She saw another mountain version she liked on our website.  Mike made the changes, and Denene loved the design.  It would be a special Christmas gift for her son.  Her response – “Just an update on the Portland Stag sign you guys made…my son LOVED it!!  He is a pretty straight-faced guy and he had a big ol’ smile on his face when he saw that!  It is exactly what he imagined it could be!  Thanks so much again!!”  That’s what we love to hear!

Colors:  Copper with black patinas, airbrushed red, and polished steel.

Dimensions:  36″ wide x 32″ high.

Hangers:  Picture hangers welded on the back.