SMW0978 Pacific Wave Art Conference Room

Looking for pacific wave art?

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Cheryl needed another Conference Room sign.  For this one (named Pacific), she wanted to use pacific wave art.  We created several conference room signs for her company last year.  She liked our patinas and requested patinas for this new sign.  We don’t have a blue patina, so Mike created a unique look.  Once she received the piece, she wanted something more like water.  Mike airbrushed blues and greens to create the new sign.  So, the old pacific wave art now resides in our home.  We don’t mind.  🙂

Colors:  Airbrushed blues and greens, copper with black patinas for the name, and polished steel for the wave crest.

Dimensions:  24″ wide x 21″ high.

Hangers:  Holes drilled for easy installation.