SMW0967 Personalized Pittsburgh Wall Art

This law office used personalized Pittsburgh wall art to greet their clients!

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Susan wanted to create personalized Pittsburgh wall art for her law office.  She liked our original design of the Pittsburgh skyline.  Could we add the name of her law firm to it along with the water?  The answer, of course, was yes.  Mike offset the law office name to highlight it.  Susan’s response when she received the piece – “We received our Pittsburgh Skyline today and is the perfect addition to our reception area at the office!!  Thank you so much for this beautiful piece!”  That’s what we love to hear!  We’ve created several unique pieces using our original skyline.  Frequently, we add sports related features.  This was the first time we created personalized Pittsburgh wall art for a company.  It certainly makes a statement!  Contact us to design something unusual for your home or office.  And, we’ll steel your idea!

Colors:  Polished steel, copper with black patinas, airbrushed blue paint.

Dimensions:  60″ wide x 21″ high.

Hangers:  Picture hangers welded on the back.