SMW0938 Monogram Anniversary Sign Metal

Looking for a special monogram anniversary sign?

Please note SMW# and contact us for pricing.


Jean wanted to create a monogram anniversary sign for her son and daughter-in-law.  She liked other monograms we created.  But, Jean wanted to create her own design.  Could she send one to us as a starting point?  The answer, of course – Yes!  She also wanted to create a special surprise for them and started planning for it.  It’s been a year since we were first contacted by Jean.  Jean worked with the owner of a local Bend business (Lone Crow Bungalow) to pull it off.  They placed the monogram anniversary sign on the wall.  The family casually “shopped” until they found the surprise.  As soon as they send photos, we’ll post them on our website.  Jean and family stopped by our shop to meet us yesterday and relayed how everything unfolded.  A coordination challenge to be sure, especially since they live in the Portland area!

Colors:  Copper with bronze patinas.

Dimensions:  20″ in diameter.

Hangers:  N/A