SMW895 Race Car Wall Art Custom Metal

Looking for race car wall art for your favorite person?

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As a race car mom, Sharon wanted to create race car wall art for her two girls.  They, of course, race cars.  Sharon sent us photos of the cars to start with.  Mike created the cars as close to the photos as possible.  Between airbrushing and patinas, he tried to match the details as best he could.  Since these were Christmas presents, Sharon gave us plenty of lead time.  And, we appreciated it!  Sharon’s response when she received the cars?  “The package arrived today. The cars are perfect and I’m sure the girls will be very proud of them!    Thank you for all your hard work.”

Colors:  Airbrushed paint and patinas.

Dimensions:  white car – 24″ wide x 8″ high; black car – 24″ wide x 8.25″ high.