SMW0839 Mermaid Metal Art Custom

Looking for mermaid metal art for your home?

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Phil wanted to create mermaid metal art for the gable of his three car garage on the Washington coast.  The mermaid needed to be six feet tall to fill the space of the gable.  And, made out of stainless steel to survive the salt air.  We previously worked on stainless steel for the Raptor Lift Solutions logo.  So, Mike knew he could create it out of stainless.  Phil designed the mermaid art and sent the sketch to us.  Since the sketch was his design, we created several iterations to make sure it was perfect.  And, “Pearl” is definitely perfect!

Colors:  Stainless steel.

Dimensions:  35.25″ wide x 72″ high

Hangers:  Holes drilled for easy installation.