SMW0838 Animal Hospital Logo Art East Bend

Looking for an animal hospital logo for your vet clinic?

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Jaime wanted to create animal hospital logo art for her East Bend clinic using their logo.  Moving into a new facility, she needed a large focal piece for the reception area.  Would it be possible to make the pieces fit into a certain space?  Mike worked with her to make it work and added a line under the clinic name.  Much easier to install!

Colors:  Polished steel.

Dimensions:  East Bend – 59.25″ wide x 9.5″ high; Animal Hospital – 59.25″ wide x 7.50″ high; Dog, Parrot, Bunny, Cat – 18.25″ wide x 22″ high; Turtle – 11.25″ wide x 5″ high; Mountain – 45.25″ wide x 16.25″ high

Hangers:  N/A – double sided adhesive tape was used to apply the pieces.