SMW813 Beloved Pet Memorial Custom Metal

Want to create a beloved pet memorial for your beloved pet?

Please note the SMW# and contact us for custom pricing.

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Product Description

When Alice contacted us, she wanted to create a beloved pet memorial for Boe.  She liked the Tanden sign that included two dogs.  Their Boe was a lab mix, but they were sure he was part Rottweiler.  In fact, they asked if Mike could fatten up the back leg and make his tail shorter.  Boe lost his tail before they got him, and he was a chunky boy.

Alice shared the following – “Thanks so much. It’s never easy saying goodbye to a k-9 kid, yet the things we do in memorializing our memories sure help our hearts heal.  With your help from Sunriver, Boe’s resting place will add not only memories, yet beauty to our back yard.”  We totally agree, Alice!

Colors:  Top layer – polished steel with copper, pewter, black, and bronze patinas; Bottom layer – copper patina.

Dimensions:  22.5″ wide x 14″ high

Hangers:  Stake pocket welded on the back.