SMW0696 Custom Metal Chicago Skyline Art

Do you love the Chicago skyline?

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When Daniel contacted us about the Chicago skyline art, he wanted to create a large skyline.  We wrote about the project in two blog posts – Chicago Skyline, Part 1 and Part 2.  Daniel wanted to create a REALLY large skyline for his rooftop garden in Chicago.  He had specific needs for hanging the piece and wanted to add a sun to the order to shine down on his skyline.  We shipped the order in three packages to stay under the freight limits.  Mike created special instructions on how to assemble the finished piece.  You can read more about creating the multi-part skyline in the blog posts.

Colors:  Sun – copper with black sunburst; Skyline water – airbrushed combined with patinas; front layer – copper patina; back layer – copper with black patina and polished steel.

Dimensions:  Sun – 12″ in diameter; Finished size of skyline – 96″ wide x 57″ high.

Hangers:  Grid hangers and offsets welded on the back of the skyline.