SMW0633 Metal Pontiac GTO Art Key Holder

Looking for a classic car as functional art?

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First, Dani wanted to create the perfect Christmas present for her dad.  So his prized Pontiac GTO would be the focus and serve as a key holder for him.  Mike created classic cars and trucks in the past, so he knew the best angle for creating the Pontiac GTO Art key holder.  And, he painted it to match the color of her dad’s car.  Her reaction?  “The GTO key holder arrived yesterday, and it looks fantastic! I am so impressed with everything from your speedy replies, custom work, and great shipping. A great mom and pop shop like yours is such a gift.  I can’t wait to see my Dad’s reaction on Christmas!”  That’s what we love to hear!

Colors:  Airbrushed red and black with polished steel for the car; Copper with bronze patina for the base.

Dimensions:  16″ wide x 5.50″ high

Hangers:   Holes drilled for easy installation.