SMW0613 Custom Steel Address Monument


Made from 10 gauge steel, this custom steel address monument matches the front door color of a modern home.  The homeowner had a vision for the look of the address monument.  She wanted clean, industrial lines with color as the base.  The top layer of steel would have the numbers cut out, so the color would shine through.  A lamp installed at the top of the concrete pillar would highlight the address.  Although very different than other signs we have produced, Mike understood what she was after.  Her response – “it turned out better than I had imagined!”  That’s what we like to hear!

Colors:  Bottom layer – Vista Orange paint; Top layer – Copper with bronze patina.

Dimensions:  Bottom layer – 14″ wide x 30.5″ high; Top layer – 11″ wide x 27.5″ high

Hangers:  Two bolts welded on the back of the bottom layer for insertion in concrete pillar; Four spacers/bolts welded to the top layer for attaching to bottom layer.