SMW575 Metal Juniper Tree Art

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First and foremost, we love the photography of James Parsons, aka Extreme Oregon.  When James asked us to create metal art from a juniper tree photo, we said YES!  He sent a favorite photo of a juniper to start with.  So, we took it from there.  The gnarly movement of the tree provided us with challenges.  Lines, patinas, the grinder, and clear coat added dimension to the finished piece.  And, offsets welded on the rabbit brush created interest.  The juniper tree resides on an exterior wall just outside their dining room.  A spotlight completes the view!

Colors:  Copper with pewter and black patinas.

Dimensions:  Tree – 27.75″ wide x 60″ high; Rabbit brush – 27.75″ wide x 8.5″ high

Hangers:  Offsets welded to the back of the tree and rabbit brush.