SMW570 Metal Decor Word Art Love You More

We love you more, especially when you buy our metal word art!

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Product Description

We love metal decor word art.  So we created this LOVE YOU MORE sign in metal – what could be more perfect!  Our Love You To The Moon and Back wall art that the Red Pinecone Gallery sells inspired a customer to ask for a “Love You More” sign.  Kat let us know of the special request, and we delivered!  We enjoy creating custom pieces, but also listen to our customers.  You never know what they are looking to decorate their homes with.  Sunriver Metal Works loves to create unique items for your home.  Big or small, we are always willing to create something just for you!

Colors:  Copper with black patinas.

Dimensions:  20″ wide x 4.25″ high

Hangers:  2 holes were drilled in the sign for easy installation.