SMW0419 Metal Decor Wall Art Nature with Mountains

Love mountains, metal decor, deer, and trees?

Contact us for custom pricing.


Do you love metal decor wall art with nature and mountains?  Interested in taking one of our products and making it your own?  We can modify any image we have created specifically to suit your needs.  Just tell us what you’re after and the space you’re trying to fill!

Update 8/8/20:  We recently modified this scene to group the deer into a family.  See the difference?

Update 11/20/21:  Can you create this metal decor wall art scene, but use elk instead?  The answer, of course, is YES!  Contact us – custom work is our specialty!

Colors:  Copper with black, bronze, pewter and polished steel.

Dimensions:  40″ wide x 15″ high

Hangers:  The customer requested holes to be drilled in the top and sides of the wall art.