SMW0364 Custom Metal Yard Wall Sign Vespa

A special sign for a special principal!

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Mike worked for Miller Elementary when we first started Sunriver Metal Works.  Once business started picking up, he quit at Miller but always kept his ties with co-workers.  We created the custom pine trees for Miller last year and talked with Steve about making his Vespa as wall art.  When Miller staff called and wanted us to create a permanent sign for their retiring principal (who always rode his Vespa to work), our answer was (of course) YES.  Mike matched the paint and added bolts for securing the Vespa to its new home – right were Steve always parked it.  What a fun project!

Colors:  Metallic sage green and black paint, both sides.

Dimensions:  32″ wide x 24″ high

Hangers:  Bolts were welded on the back to easily secure to a stand.