SMW231 Custom Metal Business Logo Sign Jackson Hole

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We were approached by a new owner of a fly fishing school to create two business signs.  One for the ranch he had his school at (Turpin Meadow Ranch) and one for his fly fishing school.  Both followed the lines of the logo.  The owner liked them so well he asked us to create a smaller 12″ diameter version for his wall!  See if you can identify the differences between the 24″ and 12″ logos.  The first 2 pictures show the smaller logo; the 3rd picture is the larger dimension.  The 4th picture is the original logo we used to create the sign.

Colors:  Copper patina was used.  It was to be mounted on a wood backing.

Dimensions:  24″ in diameter and 12″ in diameter.

Hangers:  Holes were drilled in the side to allow for affixing to a wood backing.