SMW226 Custom Metal Classic Car Wall Art 1940 Ford Coupe

Have a classic car or truck that you’d like to have created into custom metal wall art?

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Great story behind this first venture into classic cars and trucks.  Friends wanted to create custom metal wall art of a 1940 Ford Coupe recently purchased by their brother (in-law).  They sent the jpeg image of “Daisy”.  Mike created the car, and the friend (who details and paints cars for a living) “detailed” Daisy.  As an aside – he painted Daisy in the morning and married us that afternoon (he’s an ordained minister on the side).  The brother and his wife had started following us on Facebook and asked if we could do wall art for them (of Daisy). Daisy had already been completed 1 week prior.  (Are you following this????)  While our friends were on the way to deliver Daisy, we sent the prototype to Daisy’s owners.  Minutes later, they had Daisy in hand.  Now THAT’s service!

Colors:  The actual paint that had been used on Daisy was used on the custom metal art.  The bumpers, headlights, grill, and mirrors were polished steel.

Dimensions:  12.5″ wide by 12.5″ high

Hangers:  Picture hangers were used.