SMW1132 Heart Sun Moon Art

Unique heart sun moon art for your home decor.

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Diane wanted to create heart sun moon art to represent her mom, sister, and herself.  She had specific dimensions in mind and wanted polished steel similar to a photo she sent.  Mike worked up several designs to help her get the right look.  On the last design, she said “In order to connect my mom, My sister, and myself- I think the sun rays need to connect to the heart as well as the moon.  That way we all are connected. If that’s possible.”  Mike made some tweaks to the design.  Then it was perfect!  Do you have a piece of art you want to create?  Contact us.  Custom work is our specialty.

Colors:  Polished steel.

Dimensions:  25.75″ wide x 22″ high

Hangers:  Picture hangers welded on the back.