SMW1055 Wildlife Tree Stake Art

Unique wildlife tree stake art.

Please note SMW# and contact us for pricing.

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Judy wanted to create custom wildlife tree stake art for her son’s cabin property.  She liked the idea of capturing the local wildlife and had seen a business who made tree stakes.  We checked out the business that makes tree stakes and made sure we designed unique wildlife stakes.  They are left as raw steel, so they will rust over time.  We specialize in custom work, so we don’t plan to compete with the other business.  Interested in creating something custom?  Contact us with your ideas!!

Colors:  Raw steel.

Dimensions:  Hawk – 7.25″ wide x 11.25″ high; Squirrel – 9.75″ wide x 6.50″ high; Woodpecker – 12.50″ wide x 15.75″ high.

Hangers:  Stake to insert into tree.