SMW1038 Custom Gate Panel Insert

Unique custom gate panel insert art.

Please note SMW# and contact us for pricing.


Kathy wanted to create custom gate panel insert art for her new outdoor gates.  She found our website googling fence inserts.  SMW0855 is one gate panel we did not long ago.  Kathy had the dimensions she needed and wanted to include mountains and trees in the insert.  Mike created the finished inserts without patinas or paint.  Kathy needed to powder coat them.  We always give clients the option of our taking the piece to a local powder coater or having the client take them to their own local powder coater.  She chose to go to a local business.  Whatever works for you.  Contact us to start a project for you.  Custom work is our specialty!

Colors:  Polished steel.

Dimensions:  18″ wide x 12″ high.

Hangers:  N/A