SMW1022 Decorative Garden Fence

Looking for a decorative garden fence?

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Pam owned a couple of decorative garden fence panels she purchased from an artist several years ago.  She tried to contact the artist to buy more, but they were no longer in business.  We have worked with Pam on several projects, so Mike said he would give it a try.  Using round stock and 16 gauge scrap to create the leaves, he fabricated six more panels for her.  She thought they were perfect!  It is her summer project to redo her garden, so she said she will send photos once completed.  We sure hope so!  Mike is a “make it work” kind of guy, so contact us if you have a unique project.  He’s usually up for a challenge.

Colors:  Raw steel.

Dimensions:  35″ wide x 25″ high

Hangers:  N/A