SMW0974 Fireplace Home Decor Accent

Looking for a unique fireplace home decor accent?

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Ron and Dorothy had a problem.  Their freestanding fireplace was not framed correctly.  Once the tile was installed, the problem became more prominent.  They needed a fireplace home decor accent that covered up the issue.  We created a 7-foot Juniper tree for their entry last year.  Could we possible help them fix their fireplace fubar?  It took a bit of planning, measuring, and fitting.  But the answer in the end was Yes!  Ron and Dorothy went to work looking for a willow design that they liked.

First, we created a prototype of what the finished piece would look like.  A photo is included here (and the prototype is hanging on our front porch!).  They loved the look and wanted to proceed.  After several trips with raw steel, angle iron, flat stock and tape measure, Mike was ready to finish the piece.  The art was picture framed with flat black angle iron and flat stock.  Once fitted in place, bolts were drilled into the studs to secure it.  They love the finished fireplace home decor accent.  And, it hides all of the framing issues!  It was definitely a lengthy project but well worth the wait.  We always learn something going through the process!

Colors:  Polished steel – willow tree (offset from back); copper with black patinas – back layer.

Dimensions:  Fireplace accent – 44.5″ wide x 46.75″ high; Prototype – 24″ wide x 38.75″ high.

Hangers:  Described above.