Chickadee Metal Wall Art | $20

Everyone needs cute chickadee metal wall art for their small spaces!

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Our chickadee metal wall art is the perfect addition to your home.  If you’re a bird lover, you might want several!  These sweet little birds fit in small spaces.  We have a couple on the end of our kitchen cabinets.  Just the right size!

We’ve had customers order several to create a flock.  One person ordered two facing each other to make a Christmas basket.  These little guys come with a hanger on the back for easy installation.  Lots of fun with loads of character to bring nature into your home!  And, the chickadee metal wall art will make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer.

Cost:  $20 each (shipping/handling included)

Colors:  Copper with black and pewter patinas.

Dimensions:  5.5″ wide x 4.5″ high.

Hangers:  A washer welded on the back for hanging.

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