People Read Blogs – Amazing!

We found out recently that people read blogs.  A potential customer actually quoted a recent blog post about saying “no” to some projects.

People Read Blogs

Our blog posts are located on the home page of our website.  We keep new products and (hopefully) weekly posts front and center for people to see what’s going on.  We add links to blog posts on social media posts.  And honestly, we have enough business without pursuing increased advertising or analytics data.

people read blogs

People read blogs! Amazing!

Last week, we received a contact from a potential client.  She found us on the internet and said “Would you be able to make one (of our products) for us? I read your blog and understand that you are busy and “saying no” to some projects. 🙂 ”

Wow!  Someone actually read our blog post It Is Hard To Say No – Really!.  And, they still asked if we would make a custom piece for them.  They sent their contact during our vacation, and we got back to them upon our return.

After a much needed vacation, it’s hard to get back in the groove.  But it makes it easier when you feel the information you provide on the website is actually used.  And, Yes, we will create a custom piece for them!

Information is Power!

We write blog posts that are sometimes a bit frivolous.  But, we also provide information on products, happenings, and how we create custom metal art.  You might want to peruse our Blog Post tab just to check out what’s happening.  We want you to be informed and maybe even a little bit entertained!