We always say – never underestimate a couple days off.  Especially when you’re at the end of the coronavirus shelter-in-place.

Never Underestimate a Couple Days Off

We’ve been pretty good at staying home since we returned from a vacation in the midst of the pandemic.  As soon as we heard about the shelter in place orders in Oregon, we headed home.

Let’s face it.  With everything being closed up, there really wasn’t much to see or do.

Fast forward to this week.  We’ve been home nearly two months now.  The number of trips into town for supplies has been minimal.  We have, however, perfected the art of supporting our local restaurants through online ordering and take out.  We have appreciated it (a break from cooking) as much as they have.

Everyone has been in the same boat.  We’ve all social distanced from friends and family.  We’ve tried out Zoom and Skype to keep in touch.  Oh – and the phone works for that, too.

Lessons Learned from this experience

If anything, we have learned that we can stay home without too much trouble.  We can plan our trips into town wisely.  We create meals from new recipes.  We haven’t spent as much on gas.

Maybe we utilized Amazon Prime a few more times than we should have.  And, Costco online.  Much easier to order things until everyone else discovered it.  Shipping in two days changed into shipping in two weeks.

Our business has slowly picked up.  People have spent more time searching the internet and found us.  That’s been a good thing.

So why do we say – never underestimate a couple days off?

Sometimes you have to get away

We love our place but sometimes it’s just nice to take a few days off.  We had a camping trip scheduled from last year.  The private RV park was still open and our reservations still good.  It was a great opportunity to get away with only driving an hour.

It’s always nice to have a change of scenery.  We looked directly at a river from our site.  The river sounds were quite peaceful.  Always good time to read and reflect.

So never underestimate a couple days off.  It will clear the mind and give you a new attitude.  The work will still be there when you return.