Interested in learning more about our metal work pricing guide?  Read on!

Metal Work Pricing Guide

We wrote about Pricing Guide Info back in July of last year.  In that blog post, we talked about cost of materials wildly fluctuating.  It would be to difficult to constantly keep each custom piece pricing updated as these changes occurred.

Custom work makes up the majority of our business.  Because of this, it’s difficult to have an easy calculation for new (or old) pieces we create.

  • Will the piece have offsets or just one layer?
  • What are all the elements the customer wants to include in the piece (which will affect size and price)?
  • Where is the piece being shipped (the size and dimension will be different for each piece based on where it’s being shipped)?
  • How will be piece be hung?
  • Will the piece require custom paint?
  • And the list goes on.

Our Customers Make The Decisions

We know it may be frustrating when you can’t find a metal work pricing guide for something you like.  In many cases, people may choose to go no further and find another company.  A totally normal reaction.

The people who do pursue contacting us are always pleased with the end result.  They like making the decisions and having a say in the final product.  And, approving designs before we go to the shop.  And, choosing how they want to hang it and the dimensions for the piece.  It’s the way we like it.

And The Point?

We’re just a small two person business.  Mike creates the piece from design to making the shipping box.  Pat maintains the website, social media, and keeps the office running.  We don’t contract with anyone else.  And, we like it that way.  We control the process from beginning to end.

So, if you want to have a totally unique piece of metal work created for you, contact us.  We’ll be here for you from beginning to end.  You won’t find a metal work pricing guide on the website.  But, we will give you a price on any product on our website.  Just ask.