Horse Art make great gifts!

One of the good things that came from a recent show we did was a new line of metal horse related products.  We have done biking, fishing, and dogs, but not metal horse art.


Looking for something different to welcome people to your home? Try metal welcome signs from Sunriver Metal Works!


This Cowgirl/boy Boot Welcome sign was one of the more popular items.  It’s a great size and looks good at any front door.

We also created this fun Running Horse Hanger that can be used for keys, ropes, or halters.  It’s a great size that works for just about anything!


Love horses and need something to hang your hat or halter on?

Mike also created another functional art piece.  When you drive into Sisters from the Bend area, you can see a line of metal horses running in a pasture.  This Sisters Horse Hat Rack is reminiscent of that scene, with the Sisters Mountains in the background.


Whatever the subject matter, we can create something special for you and your favorite hobby at Christmas or any time of the year!