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Everything old is new again.  At least in the case of metal barn wood signs.

Metal Barn Wood Signs

Our neighbors contacted us early in the summer to create a new sign for their drive.  They weren’t really sure what to include but knew they wanted horses in it.  And the new sign would be mounted on barn wood.

Randy looked around for the barn wood to use as the background.  It was a bit more difficult to find the wood and a lot more expensive.  Apparently, stock pilers of old barn wood really like it.   And they charge an arm and a leg for it.  People used to give this stuff away.  Not any more!

Kathy worked with us to create the metal sign to be mounted on the wood.  She liked the idea of including the mountains and trees we use in several other signs.  She shared that their girls kissed all the animals they owned over the years.  The girl kissing the horse reminded her of that.  They liked the western font Mike used for their name.

The Finished Sign

Kathy received the okay from her family, and the design was final.  Mike cut and ground the sign.  The patinas would include copper with black, bronze, and pewter, with mountains of polished steel.  Randy did final measurements, cut and finished the barn wood base.  Mike applied the clear coat finish, and we were ready to assemble.  Mike applied patinas to the screw heads to match the colors.  To say that Kathy and Randy were pleased would be an understatement.  Both decided the finished sign would reside in their home for the winter.  They just wanted to be able to look at it before it became an outside fixture.

Very fun project!  We decided we’ll have to do some more.

metal barn wood signs

Metal barn wood signs create a unique look!