Looking for a unique Merry Christmas tree you can use year after year?  Start a new tradition for your home by saving a tree and going custom metal art!

Merry Christmas Tree

Mike created a tree as a prototype for Miller Elementary School in Bend.  Their planters in front of the school needed a tree that could survive dry summers.  What was perfect for that?  How about a metal tree!

They loved the size and design of the new tree.  To withstand wind and potential vandalism, Mike used 10 gauge steel to construct the two trees.  When finished, Mike and school staff “planted” the trees in two large permanent containers.  They looked great!  Click the link to check it out.

The Prototype

We kept the prototype.  Maybe we could take it to our shows or other displays.  We actually had a few people who wanted to buy this special merry Christmas tree!  But, no.  We decided to hang on to it.

The first year we moved to Sunriver, we cut down a Christmas tree on our property.  It really looked like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  We decided that our property really didn’t have trees groomed to be good Christmas trees.

So, what’s the best thing to do to save a tree each year?  Create your own special merry Christmas tree!

Mike drilled holes along the edges to hang ornaments.  He spray painted the tree with Christmas colors.  It was ready for prime time!

The Finished Merry Christmas Tree

Pat winged it the first time she decorated it.  Strands of lights were draped around the tree.  New and older ornaments added to the festive look.  All you needed was a hanger!

This is the story of our favorite merry Christmas tree.  Each year after Christmas, it goes back into storage.  It’s easy to dust off and decorate for the next Christmas.  And, it doesn’t need watering!

Save a Tree

So the morale to this story?  Save a tree, create custom metal art for your home!  Happy Holidays!