Looking for ideas to decorate your man cave game room?  Sunriver Metal Works customizes current products or new ones just for you!

Man Cave Game Room Decor

Around this time of the year, people start thinking about gift giving.  Seems like everyone these days has a man cave game room in their home!  And, what better gift than an addition to the fun room!

City Skylines

One great option to decorate your walls is city skylines.  Chris and his wife created a man cave game room out of their huge dining room.  Naturally, they thought of a skyline of their beloved Cincinnati.  They loved our Chicago Skyline and wanted to create something similar.

And, they wanted it 7 feet wide.  After selecting their favorite view, Mike went to work creating a 2-D art piece to highlight the water and buildings.  According to Chris, “Everyone that has come to my house is OBSESSED with the Cincinnati skyline.  I’ve gotten so many compliments on it.  We simply love it!!!”  Talk about decorating your game room in a BIG way!

cincinnati skyline art

Beautiful installed Cincinnati skyline art!

Sports Art

A recent addition to man cave game room decor is sports art or logos.  And, combining favorite teams seems to be popular!  Or, how about branding your school, home, office, or bar with your cities sports logos?  Here are just a few examples.  Just click on the Man Cave product tag to give you some ideas.

We’ve created a variety of sports related metal art over the years.  Check out the customized the Pittsburgh skyline with a Steelers logo!

Drinking Word Art Signs

Word art is pretty popular with many people.  You can have your favorite message in metal.  Just contact us for a quote!

Business Logos

A person’s best friend isn’t always their dog.  Sometimes it’s their business logo.  Makes a great gift for a friend or spouse for their man cave game room!

Favorite Activities

Your favorite activities can be sports or cars or motorcycles or ???  You decide what favorite activity you want to be reminded of!

Custom Metal Work – Our Specialty!

At Sunriver Metal Works, we specialize in custom work.  We love working with our customers to create unique art and signs for the man cave game room or any room of the house for that matter!  Just contact us, so we can get to work on creating something special for you!