You’ve probably heard the phrase “make hay while the sun shines” before.  True for us today.  And we’re not making hay!

Make Hay While The Sun Shines

We recently returned from a month long adventure through fifteen states.  What does that have to do with making hay?  I guarantee you no hay was made in the shop while we were gone!

Visiting with family and friends made our visit very enjoyable.  But, we seldom did any work.  We responded to contacts.  We posted a couple of products on our website.  That’s about it.

We did, however, manage to deliver custom metal art to three different customers on our way.  And, we documented our trip on a new instagram account.  Check it out on Instagram at @bigredsroadtrips.

So Getting Back To the Hay and Sun

We experienced just about every kind of weather on our trip.  Sunshine, torrential rains, flooding, crazy thunderstorms, cold temps, heat and humidity.  We saw plenty of hay being made in every state.  The one thing we didn’t see was fall colors.  Apparently, the weather had not been conducive to trees changing color anywhere on our trip.  Hard to believe, considering that we were gone from September 14 to October 14.  And, we thought we’d miss our beautiful Central Oregon fall weather.

Fall Arrives in Oregon!

Driving through California, we heard about the high pressure settling into the west coast.  When we arrived back home, the weather was gorgeous.  And, it’s gotten better each and every day.

So, now we’re balancing the getting back to work in the shop with getting fall chores done.  This afternoon we worked at gathering up needles to make snow removal easier.  The warm sun and 70 degrees makes that chore so much easier to bear.  And, Mike decided that sounded better than grinding steel in the shop.

Extended Forecast

At this point, it appears this weather will hold through next week.  Makes it hard to work inside, but we are spending time inside and outside each day to take advantage of the great weather.  After being in the motor home for a month, Cutter is enjoying time laying around on the lawn and soaking up the sun.  AJ, the cat, is happy to get back into his daily routine in the house instead of the motor home.

The extended forecast shows work for the next two months.  Fulfilling Christmas orders and getting ready for winter will be our focus.

But, we will definitely make hay while the sun shines on us in Central Oregon!

make hay while the sun shines

Make hay while the sun shines!