Gratitude – It’s something we don’t think about enough.  We think about what we are grateful for.  How about you?


It’s not just that time of the year when we should think about what we are grateful for.  We should be thinking about it all of the time.  Especially in 2020, when just being healthy is the biggest blessing of them all.

We’ve talked about how the Coronavirus has impacted our business.  But beyond that, what are we thankful for?

Our Health

Just the fact that we have stayed healthy in this crazy coronavirus whirlwind is amazing.  Although we have kept our people contact to a minimum, you do have to get groceries.  Ordering on-line and home grocery delivery has become our mainstay now.  In this last wave, we finally started ordering groceries online from our local Fred Meyer store in Bend.  It has worked well, plus we don’t have to go into the store.  We’re also on a first name basis with the Schwan man.  Their frozen products are quite good.  Even Costco has 2 day delivery on some items.  Just those kind of strategies seem to have worked for us in maintaining our health.

Our Friends and Family

We have been fortunate that our friends and family have also stayed healthy.  We know people who have had friends or family members die of Covid-19.  It’s hard to fathom that people still take chances with others lives when they choose to not wear masks or party in large groups.  It seems like such a simple thing to do.

We’re also thankful that we’ve been able to spend time with our two granddaughters, getting to know them as they grow up.  Facetime and Skype make it so easy to interact, even though they are far away.

With vaccines so close, it makes the time grow shorter and shorter.  And, we are grateful for the time we’ve been able to spend re-evaluating the things we need now and in the future.

Our Internet Business

Since the majority of our business is custom metal work, our internet business allows us to connect with people around the U.S.  We can create designs for unique gifts easily while we communicate via email and accept PayPal payments.  We really are as close as your computer screen.  We have gratitude for that common technology that ties us all together.

Gratitude for Time

To many people who aren’t used to spending so much “together” time with their house mates, this time has been a challenge.  We’ve been working together on our business for almost nine years.  We have learned how to work and live together without too much conflict over those years.  So 2020 has not been hard.  It’s been more difficult with just the unknown aspect of the coronavirus.  But time has also given us the ability to “clean house” and donate things we weren’t using.

What Are You Grateful For?

So just take a few minutes today and think about what you are grateful for.  It gives you a different perspective on the little niggly things that may frustrate you.  Gratitude may also give you a new look at your life and realize that you have it pretty good.  It’s something we need to do more, not less!  And celebrate the season, even if it is with your little bubble and not the masses.  This too shall pass.