How do you translate your passion into your home, so you see it every day even when you aren’t able to get out and enjoy it?  It’s a question that may not be in the forefront of your mind, but you may obsess about your passion every minute, every hour, every day of your life.  Okay – maybe not to that extreme, but the things that we enjoy do tend to pop up in our thoughts quite often.  So what does this have to do with “Gone fishing”?

Gone Fishing

One of the first products we created at Sunriver Metal Works was our Diamond Trout.  We wanted to try our hand at selling locally.  The owners  of The Hook showed interest in developing a line of fishing related items.  Sales were good over the summer, but we were most surprised by a call we received in August.

Fish Loft Panels

Local homeowners Bob and Leslie, were remodeling their home.  They wanted to have a 17 foot railing insert created for the 2nd floor loft.  And they wanted to be able to see the Deschutes River from the loft.  And they needed it done in two weeks.  They had seen the Diamond Trout and wanted to incorporate this into the design.  We were excited and anxious at the prospect of creating our largest piece ever.  Since Mike did construction for 25 years, he knew there were code issues to be dealt with in the design as well.

Bob and Leslie gave us some general guidelines of what they were looking for.  We were able to visit the house to get an idea of the space we were looking at.  Design drafts were sent via email.  Once we received approval, the actual cutting, grinding, staining, and clear coat occurred.  All of this took place in a little over a week.  We anxiously delivered the panels (3 in total) on a Sunday and were pleased that Bob and Leslie were very happy with the result.  The panels were installed by the contractor the following week and the inspection completed soon after.  The panels are amazing and blend perfectly with the woodwork in the house.  And you can see the Deschutes River from the 2nd floor loft!

2013-09-05 11.07.01

Fish Adventures and Shows

So gone fishing seems to be a theme now in work and play.  We just kayaked on Hosmer Lake recently and were amazed at the number of fish we saw.  Looks like fly fishing will be the next adventure!  In fact, we will have a booth at the upcoming Fly Fishing Festival  in Sunriver Village September 20-21.  Stop by and visit!  And, they provide a casting pond among the many vendors and organizations.  Should be fun!