Whether you’re out with a fly rod or hiking along a river, you probably love trout and the activity that goes with them.  We recommend the metal variety – they last longer!

Going Fishing

Back in August 2016, we wrote about our journey with one unique product.  That one little product has been re-purposed several times.

We created several shapes and sizes of that fish.  Originally, the Deschutes River Conservancy had us create quite of few of them for an auction. 

yard wall art trout fish

Fish in the garden or yard or better yet as wall art?


One of our local bamboo rod makers liked the design and asked us to make it smaller for a book cover.

creative metal art for books

Use our custom metal trout fish on a book cover!


Then, we created a chandelier for our home.

fish chandelier

Want to add your love of fishing in your home?


What about a small key holder or place to hold a rod?

trout fish metal key holder

Looking for the perfect trout fish metal key holder?


Then, we were asked to create several trout for a backyard art.

trout art sculpture

Trout yard art sculpture!


So if you’re thinking about fishing, why not think about our custom metal art instead?  They will last a lot longer, they can bring you joy, and they aren’t as illusive.

Create Your Own

We have several customers that have become creative using various products from our website.  Most recently, Paula wanted to add a special feature to their plain Jane address numbers.  We combined this special little trout fish along with our cursive welcome.  Now we have a Trout Fish Welcome sign!

trout fish welcome sign

Simple trout fish welcome sign.


Contact us to start your creative project today.  With 25 years doing construction, Mike has a “make it work” mentality.  He works with you to develop solutions for challenges or ideas.  Custom work is our specialty.  Whether a big project or small, we are there for you!