We needed to replace our current front entry chandelier (antlers – mind you, there’s nothing wrong with these – just not our style).  What better way to spruce up the entry than combine our metal work with a new look.  We love creating functional metal art for our home.

After searching through outdoor stores and online shops, we found the perfect entry light that would allow us to add something unique.  Now we needed to figure out how to do it.

We really liked the look of the Trout Fish that the Deschutes River Conservancy commissioned for an auction earlier in the year.  What if we created something where the fish were “swimming” around the light?  Mike rolled some round stock using our rudimentary hand roller to create the circle that would hang below the fixture.  Next, we talked about how best to weld the fish onto the ring.  Hand bending the fish seemed the only way to create the look we were after.  Once the fish were welded to the ring, patinas and finish were applied to the entire piece.  We found some chain that matched the fixture and completed the look.  Detailed info can be found on the Product Page.

We’re no different than anyone else that has a business.  Our things are always the last priority.  Mike finally installed the light yesterday, and it looks great!  We’ve included our functional metal art in much of our house decor, from switch plates to wall art.  Now we’ve added light fixtures to the mix.  It’s not so much that we want to get in the business of mass producing light fixtures.  We really want to help people realize their vision of incorporating their personal touches in their homes.


Looking for a light to shine on your favorite hobby – fishing?

It’s fun to do, as well as challenging our creativity.  Have an idea of something you’d like to create for your home?