The Friends We Never Meet

We now have friends we never meet.  Until we started this business, we couldn’t have said that.

Friends We Never Meet

Receiving our first contacts and orders through our website, we realized the power of the internet.  It connected little Sunriver Metal Works in Sunriver, Oregon with the rest of the world.  Now we ship to all states in the US, Canada, and overseas.  Along with those orders, you develop relationships with customers.  Whether by email, phone or in-person, friendships evolve.  Some end with the order being received.  Some continue on.

What you realize through these contacts is that people are more alike than they are different.  People appreciate the attention you take to create something unique for them.  And they appreciate good communication throughout the process.

Social Media Friends

Beyond the website and email contacts we receive is the Social Media arena.  So, we use mainly Facebook and Instagram to communicate what’s going on.  We don’t send out a newsletter via email, although we have thought about it.  We don’t have a huge following on either platform, but we do have some loyal friends.

Now, down to the business of the friends we never meet.

Thoughts and Prayers

We do have some faithful followers who like everything we post.  Some of these followers are family friends, some are recipients of our metal work, and some are people who are just interested.  One person sticks out in our mind.  He received a custom metal art classic car a couple of years ago as a gift.  From that time on, he has liked just about everything we have shared.  We’ve never met him, but we consider him a member of our extended family.

We received word yesterday that he passed away.  He was fairly young and did not have an extended illness.  For that we are grateful.  It always reminds us that life is too short.  And, you never know what life brings each day.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

As we are frequently reminded, life is precious.