We’re always surprised by the variations to a theme that we get from our customers.  Thus, the different strokes for different folks.  Read on to learn how it’s easy to change things around to create new things!

Different Strokes for Different Folks

We have created many variations to many themes during our six years of business.  This post takes one product and shows you a few ways to create new products.


The Urban Dictionary has an interesting definition for different strokes.  “An expression meaning that everyone has their own way of doing things …”  This has never been more true than when creating custom metal art.

The First Stroke

We created Copper Cone Ranch a couple years ago.  We played around with the design quite a bit before the client was happy.  She wanted something that would make a statement and fit in a particular dimension.  Her husband also had a say in the process.  They were very happy with the finished product and sent us a photo.

Usually clients have seen one of our signs and like various aspects of it.  We’ll use the original design but make modifications to meet their needs.  In this case, they liked the Sisters mountain and trees from our popular SMW324 Sisters Landscape scene.

The Second Stroke

The next sign featured an A-Frame cabin within the design of the Copper Cone Ranch.  They liked the base and trees of the Copper Cone sign, but not the mountains.  Missouri doesn’t have the same height of mountains that Oregon has.  Again, different strokes for different folks.

The Third Stroke

The final wall art created in 2019 included the base (slightly altered), mountains, and trees.  But they wanted their view of a mountain peak in New Hampshire.  And since their son owned Chalet in the Sky, they had to have Chalet in the Sky 2!

Custom Metal Art – Our Specialty

So the next time you’re looking for inspiration, just glance through our gallery.  You’ll find a variety of pieces that we can modify to fit your needs.  They are all our own designs, so no trademark worries.  Contact us today to start your project!