Customer Stories | Inspiration to History

We frequently create ranch and logo signs for our customers.  Our website contains many customer stories within product descriptions and blog posts.  This story is particularly unique.

Customer Stories – The Inspiration

When Janis contacted us initially, she wanted to create a name sign for their entry gate.  The name was unique – El Recuerdo.  We weren’t sure if it was a ranch sign or had special meaning.  Once the prototype was approved, she decided to have us create another one.  This sign would feature an Angel Oak, a prominent tree on the property.  Once Janis approved that prototype, Mike got to work.  The finished signs looked great.

Shortly after the package arrived, Janis sent the following email.  “We received our artwork just a short time ago and we wanted to say “Thank  You.”  They are absolutely beautiful.  We couldn’t be more pleased and you exceeded our expectations.”  The signs were installed, and she sent us a photo today.

customer stories

Customer stories – we love to hear them. From inspiration to history.

The History

Curious about the origin of El Recuerdo, we asked Janis if she would share the story behind the sign.  Little did we know what an amazing history El Recuerdo actually has.  The article and photo of the house just added to this one-of-a-kind customer story.

Customer stories always fascinate us.  This one definitely is one of a kind!

But stay tuned.  As of today, Mike will be creating a sign for a chalet in the French Alps!