Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Customer Satisfaction is guaranteed at Sunriver Metal Works.

Why Customer Satisfaction is Important To Us

When we first received the call about creating two signs for a local couple, our schedule was pretty busy.  Trade shows and custom orders had Mike working 7 days a week.  The couple wanted the signs to dress up the ranch entry for their daughter’s wedding in two weeks.  Short time frames are not new to us.  The designer gave us a great image to work with.  The couple knew what they wanted – something rustic that looked like it had been there awhile.

Mike created the signs in short order and delivered them to Loco Ranch.

They loved the signs.  However, two days later we heard back from them.  They drove back to the ranch at night.  When the headlights hit the ranch sign, the clear coat reflected the grind marks in the sign.  It detracted from the overall design of the sign.  Could we do something to change that?

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

The answer – Of course!  Each customer has their own perspective about the finished piece.  Some people like to see the grind marks.  It adds character.  Mike created two new signs for them.  This time he used different techniques to tone down the finish and look.  We had some concerns about using the matte finish, since the sprinkler system hit the sign when running.  We couldn’t guarantee this particular finish with direct water.  The customer wanted to give it a try, however.  They loved the new signs and the matte look.

Fast forward – Christmas 2016

Two weeks before Christmas we received a call from our Loco Ranch owners.  The finish on the sign had failed.  Yes – we told them we couldn’t guarantee how long that finish would last.  Could put another coat of finish on the sign?  If it meant that they needed to refinish them every year and a half, so be it.  They were fine with that, considering they added to the challenge of maintaining the sign.  Since we originally created the signs, we found a new matte finish from our supplier that has UV protection.  Maybe we could save them some money in the long run by using that product.

Satisfied Customer

They were happy with the new finish.  It had the same look as the the previous version.  Plus they ordered a larger sign to be placed in front of the rock at their home entry drive.  And, Mike delivered it to them before their company came at Christmas.

We believe the good will you create by striving for customer satisfaction benefits everyone in the end.  The customer gets what they want, and you have a loyal customer.

We don’t plan on changing that approach any time soon.  And we have the original signs at our place.  We laugh because sometimes we do think we live at Loco Ranch!