Customer Communication Is Key

In a previous blog post about Ordering Custom Metal Art, we gave your an overview of the process.  We start a new series with this blog post, delving in depth into each part of our process.  As outlined in the previous blog post, the Contact Form is generally the starting point for an order.  Customer communication is where the process really starts for us.

Customer Communication

When we receive your contact, two things happen.  First, a text message is sent to our cell phone telling us we received a contact form.  And, the information you completed in the form is sent to our email address.  More often than not, we respond to your email within 24 hours.  Most stores have set hours.  The advantage (and disadvantage) of a home business is that we receive your contacts at all hours of the day – 24 x 7.  Also, we are Pacific Standard Time (in Oregon).  That means that sometimes we receive calls REALLY early in the morning.

Both of us will respond to customer contacts.  It just depends on what we’re doing at the time one comes in.

More Information Is Better Than Less

Any piece of information you can provide will help us give you a more accurate cost estimate for custom metal work.

Inquiring about prices for a custom piece?  If you provide your zip code, we can provide shipping and handling estimates at the same time.

Wondering if you can change the size of a piece?  Just ask.  We can provide you estimates for different sizes if you have a budget.

Curious about customizing a custom piece?  Again, just ask.  We frequently make modifications to existing items.  Just yesterday, we were asked to customize the Pittsburgh Skyline and eliminate the top and side borders.

Know how you need to hang or mount the piece?  It’s helpful to see where you plan to mount a sign.  That way we can provide suggestions on brackets or mounts for the finished piece.

We WILL call you to clarify your request.

Sometimes it’s just easier to talk about your ideas.  Frequently, we’ll give you a call to clarify your request.  It’s the personal touch.  And, sometimes it’s hard to describe in a paragraph or two what you’re looking for.

Email is our first point of contact

A custom order always starts with email.  It helps us get a feel for the order and what you want to accomplish.  Sometimes we’ll have an email thread of 30 emails.  Sometimes, it will be 4 or 5.  It doesn’t make a difference to us, as long as the end result of our customer communication is success!

customer communication

Our first goal is great customer communication!