Custom Metal Work | Christmas 2017

It’s never too early to plan for Christmas 2017.  Especially when Sunriver Metal Works will be closed for most of September!

Christmas 2017

In November 2015, we wrote a blog about the trials and tribulations of waiting until the last minute to order custom metal work for Christmas.  Between weather and computer crashes, we hustled to get all Christmas orders out the door.

Fast forward to planning for Christmas 2017.  This year, we’ve been trying to get more balance in our life.  Along those lines, we are taking 3 weeks off in September to travel to Wisconsin.  Packing our motor home with food, supplies, and metal work is a first for us.  And, the challenge is getting near!  Two days after Labor Day we hit the road.

Christmas orders started coming in three weeks ago.  We love it when customers understand that it takes awhile to get custom work completed.  First come, first served is our approach.  You get your order in, and your place in line is secure once we return.

First – Get Your Name On The List

We ask for a $50 design deposit to start the process and send a PayPal invoice to your email address.  If all goes well, we start designing on the road.  RV Campground WiFi becomes our new best friend.

Second – Be Patient

Patience is a virtue – or so they say.  Just so you know – we’ve been able to deliver all Christmas orders before Christmas.  Unless, of course, you wait until the last minute.  It takes three to four weeks to complete a custom order.  If possible, we ship orders prior to the promise date.

Finally – Help Us Help You

Try to be as clear in your vision as you can.  We understand that sometimes you have an idea of what you want, but maybe not exactly.  The quicker the idea becomes reality, the quicker we can move it to the shop and ship.  Peruse our gallery and let us know what products are similar to what you want.

Thank you!

Thank you for considering us for your Christmas 2017 gift giving.  We look forward to making your vision a reality!

Happy Holidays and Gift ideas from Sunriver Metal Works