Custom Metal Art Designs | Sunriver Metal Works

We create our own custom metal art designs at Sunriver Metal Works.  And here’s how we do it!

Custom Metal Art Designs

  • We receive a website Contact from a potential customer and provide an estimate based on dimensions.
  • Our client sends us a jpeg image(s) – the higher the resolution, the better.
  • We request a $50 design deposit using PayPal to start the process.
  • Using photo editing software, we create a black and white image.
  • We artistically modify the image, visualizing the end result.
  • Using vectoring software, we combine bitmap images into a prototype file.
  • Once approved by the client and payment made, we take the vectored file to the shop.
  • The custom metal art design is cut and ground, with patinas, paint, and/or automotive clear coat applied.
  • We ship within 2 to 4 weeks.

Here’s An Example of Custom Metal Art Designs

Darian contacted us and asked–

“Curious if you can do a custom piece of my bikepacking set-up. Don’t need to match the rear suspension detail, just the overall bike look with the bags. For size I’m looking for at least 12″x18″.  If you can, please let me know an approximate cost so we can discuss color/finish detail. Your products look great! Thanks”

He sent an image, but it was slightly skewed.  We requested one that was more straight on.

bike packing

Darian’s bike – We used this image.

After Darian paid the $50 design deposit, Mike created the prototype from this image.  He enhanced the image to maintain as much detail as possible.

custom metal art designs

Prototype for bike packing metal art.

Once the prototype was approved, Mike created the vector image.  We load the image into the computer interfaced with the CNC plasma machine and the fun begins!  Mike takes the cut out, grinds it, applies patinas or paint, and then the automotive clear coat.

The Finished Product

And Darian’s response – “Wasn’t placed where I originally planned, but it’s so awesome, I couldn’t resist front and center!  The larger size really worked too.”

custom metal art designs

We create our own custom metal art designs at Sunriver Metal Works!

So if you are looking for truly custom metal art designs, look no further than Sunriver Metal Works!