Have you ever wanted to create something that shows your love of animals? That’s exactly what Gary and Lynda wanted to do – create a sign that showed all of the animals they saw every day on their property.  All creatures great and small!

A haven for animals

When we first met with them, they wanted to create a round sign to hang in front of their house.  About 24″ in diameter would be perfect.  Deer, squirrel, and ducks were to be featured in the sign along with mountains.  The sign was to be called Hays Hayven – because their place was a haven for all creatures.


A love of nature meets a garden art in this custom metal house sign.

Gary installed the posts and got everything ready to go.  We delivered the sign and hung it – but wait!  It wasn’t big enough!  Our response – we can fix that!

They were in the process of building a garden shed in their back yard, so it would now be the home of their 24″ sign.  They invited us over to dinner to measure the space available for their new larger sign.

We added new animals and created the requested new shape.  We went back to the drawing board and decided to add their new garden shed and trees.  Lynda had seen new baby bunnies and wondered if we could add a rabbit as well.  The letters were now on the bottom of the sign to make them stand out more.

Creatures Great and Small

The new sign is 36″ wide and 24″ high.  The garden shed placed prominently among the new animals.  It now hangs at the road and serves as a notice to all that it truly is a Haven for all creatures great and small.

Lynda and Gary became friends of ours.  We smile whenever we enter their driveway.


Hays Hayven single layer custom metal house sign with nature