Creative Sign Makeover Project

It’s always something different at Sunriver Metal Works!  This creative sign makeover project presented its’ own challenges.

Creative Sign Makeover

The Wilsons contacted us late last year.  They recently purchased a home not far from us and really liked the address sign the prior owner left.  The problem?  Different last name!

The owner told them the metal artist retired several years ago, so couldn’t change the sign.  Of course, the owner would no longer be living at that address and didn’t want to take the sign.

They found us on Google, as a local metal art business.  Would it be possible to add their name to the top of the sign?  And, match the look of the sign?

How We Did It

We visited the home and took photos of the current sign.  The font appeared to be Comic Sans Serif, and the owner agreed.  Mike created the prototype of Wilson, and it was approved.

Next, Mike matched the top curve of the sign to their name.  He designed a base that we could bolt to the sign.  The new owner okayed drilling holes in the top of the sign to affix their name.

Flat black paint matched the existing sign.  Mike painted a little white paint on the top of each letter to replicate snow.

Once installed with black screws, you couldn’t even tell that it wasn’t part of the original sign.  Of course, it helped that Mason and Wilson aren’t too far apart in length and look!


The new owners love their “new” sign.  We didn’t create it, but we helped them keep an address sign that is well known in the neighborhood.

sign makeover

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