The simple Merriam-Webster definition of spawn (besides produce or lay eggs in water) is “to cause (something) to develop or begin : to produce or create (something)”.  Our Deschutes River Fish definitely fills that bill.  That one fish spawned creative metal art beyond our imagination.

SMW343 – Metal Fish Garden Yard Art


Fish in the garden or yard or better yet as wall art?

The Deschutes River Conservancy in Central Oregon contacted us to create a “fish stake” for their annual fund raising event.  They provided an image to use and gave us general parameters for creating the table decorations.  Those fish helped raise $2,000 for the non-profit organization.

A local bamboo pole maker liked the fish so well, he bought 4 for his home on the Deschutes River.  Then, he had an idea!  He was co-authoring a book about a famous bamboo artist from the East Coast.  Several special edition books would be created.  Could we make a smaller version of this fish for the book cover?

SMW388 – Small Creative Metal Art

creative metal art for books

Use our custom metal trout fish on a book cover!

Bob worked with Mike to perfect the size and patinas of the fish.  The books look beautiful and were well received.  Creative metal art in a very small size.  4.25″ wide x 4.25″ high!

SMW343C – The Deschutes River Fish Are Creative Metal Art for the Home


Looking for a light to shine on your favorite hobby

Once we added our Deschutes River Fish to the website, contacts began to filter in.  One lady from Missouri wanted us to create 4 fish to hang from a canoe chandelier she was creating for their cabin.  It gave us an idea.  What if we used the fish to create our front entry chandelier?  Another way to display creative metal art for the home!  Mike rolled round stock into a shape to fit a light purchased from Cabela’s.  He rolled the fish to match the shape and welded them to the round stock.  Add some chains to connect the fish to the light, and voila!  We created a new product!

SMW416 – Fish Key Holder


Love fishing or looking for a great gift for fishing friends or family?

We’re always looking for new “smalls” for the shows we do in the area.  This Deschutes Fish Key Holder is the perfect size for any home.  At 8″ wide x 4″ high, it will fit perfectly into your home, shop, office, and motor home.  It’s the perfect catch for a Christmas present too!  Fits into just about any stocking.

So, whenever you don’t think you can come up with anything new, just look around.  You’ll always find inspiration!