We really enjoy hearing creative customer stories.  This one evolved over a year.

Creative Customer Stories

When Jean first contacted us in June 2018, she told us about an upcoming anniversary for her son and daughter-in-law.  We thought the request seemed straightforward.  She wanted to have it in hand within a few weeks, however.  We already had many orders ahead of hers and wouldn’t be able to meet her time frames.  And, her vision of presenting the gift included some creative coordination.

She decided to proceed with the project.  Delivery of the gift would be delayed.  Date to be determined.

Jean sent us a design to start the process.  Using her software, she created the starting point.  Mike then used our software to send the prototype back.  After several changes, Jean was satisfied we were on the right track.

Vacations Interruptus

In the meantime, Mike was busy helping his son’s family move from Alaska to Texas.  He would contact her when he returned home.

About that time, Jean and her husband were leaving to travel to Scotland for an extended vacation.  She would contact us upon her return.

She contacted us just before we left on a month long vacation.  No worries.  It would wait until we returned.

We returned, but holiday orders took priority.

Going on 2019

We heard from Jean after the first of 2019.  A few more changes and the design became final.

Now for the coordination aspect.

The shop we told Jean about in Bend was now closed.  The owner decided to retire at the end of 2018.  Did we know of any shop in Bend that would display the finished piece for them?

Creative Customer Stories – Jean’s Vision

Jean wanted to coordinate having her family in Bend for a weekend vacation.  At that time, they would “shop” downtown and surprise the couple with their monogram anniversary sign.

We finished and sent the piece to her in March.  And, then we heard nothing more from Jean.  We figured she must have come up with another plan.

Where There’s a Will There’s a Way

A few weeks ago, Jean called to see if we would be in town this weekend.  Yes – we would.  Her plan was coming together and she wanted to stop by our shop to meet us.

Yesterday, we met Jean, her husband and son.  We heard how the surprise reveal happened.  Jean found a shop in downtown Bend that helped her with the reveal.  The owner of Lone Crow Bungalow kindly worked with her to make it all happen.  The family photos were great.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to add a few to the website.

monogram anniversary sign

Looking for a monogram anniversary sign?


It’s always a treat to hear our creative customer stories.  After more than a year, it finally all came together.  That’s commitment, Jean!