creative customer stories

Creative Customer Stories | A Year In The Making

We really enjoy hearing creative customer stories.  This one evolved over a year. Creative Customer Stories When Jean first contacted us in June 2018, she told us about an upcoming anniversary for her son and daughter-in-law.  We thought the request seemed straightforward.  She wanted to have it in hand within a few weeks, however.  We […]

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variety is the spice of life

Variety Is The Spice of Life

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Variety is the spice of life.”  It’s true for most people.  And, it’s especially true for custom metal art and signs!  Read on to find out why. Variety Is The Spice of Life We love the variety of work that our customers bring to us.  And, we’ve received many compliments […]

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texas two step

Texas Two Step | Visiting The Grandkids

You may think the Texas Two Step is a dance move that originated in Texas.  Think again.  Keeping up with the granddaughters is like doing the Texas Two Step! Texas Two Step When you Google the term, you find all kinds of results.  First, there’s the Texas lottery game.  Then there’s the YouTube video showing […]

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custom metal art is our specialty

Custom Metal Art Is Our Specialty

We see companies advertise it all the time.  But according to our customers, it isn’t always true.  In our book, custom metal art IS our specialty! Custom Metal Art Is Our Specialty Quite some time ago, we decided to stop doing shows.  We never knew what people would buy.  Extra inventory hung on our walls […]

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spring is in the air

Spring Is In The Air – Finally!

Spring is never overrated.  Just ask anyone who has gone through a long winter. Spring Is In The Air We’ve had a rough winter.  Just ask anyone in Central Oregon.  Funny thing is that it all happened in the last two weeks of February!  Just check out our last blog post if you want to […]

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what doesnt kill you

What Doesn’t Kill Us…

You’ve heard it before, but is “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” really true? What Doesn’t Kill Us Not a lot of metal work has been happening in the last two weeks.  We’ve been struggling with Snowmageddon 2019 in Central Oregon since February 23rd. The phrase “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” really […]

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metal home decor ideas

Metal Home Decor Ideas | Easily Customized

We love branching out and coming up with new metal home decor ideas at Sunriver Metal Works.  And, we easily customize pieces for your home combining your needs with our expertise. Metal Home Decor Ideas Recently, we decided to create a new coffee table for our front room.  The one we purchased a few years […]

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metal work pricing guide

Metal Work Pricing Guide – Part 2

Interested in learning more about our metal work pricing guide?  Read on! Metal Work Pricing Guide We wrote about Pricing Guide Info back in July of last year.  In that blog post, we talked about cost of materials wildly fluctuating.  It would be to difficult to constantly keep each custom piece pricing updated as these […]

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countdown to retirement

Countdown to Retirement

The countdown to retirement has begun!  Read further to find out when that date might happen.  It’s a little artificial, but we’re starting to get serious. Countdown to Retirement When we started this business in January 2013, we had no idea where it would go.  Or just how successful we would be.  It quickly became […]

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looking towards the future

Looking Towards The Future

At this time of the year, we’re always looking towards the future at Sunriver Metal Works! Looking Towards The Future It may seem like a no brainer, but it is the best time to reflect.  We try to learn from the past, but always look towards the future.  This year is no different, as we […]

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