Blog Post or Housework – Must Be Tuesday

Yes – it must be Tuesday.  Should I write a blog post or do housework?  Sometimes it’s a hard choice to make!

Blog Post?

We (I) try to write a blog post every Tuesday or Wednesday.  Well there’s the simple answer.  Delay writing it until Wednesday!  More often than not, we have errands scheduled on Wednesday.  Therefore, Tuesday it is!

Sometimes it’s just hard coming up with a topic for the week.  On occasion laziness (or lack of creativity) sets in (last week).  I’ve tried brainstorming potential blog posts to write.  Even attempting to craft a blog schedule gets met with resistance (mine).  I prefer a little more spontaneity.

So, today’s blog post is about – what else?  Writing blog posts.

Housework Instead?

Mike helps out on our weekly housecleaning duties.  Garbage pickup is on Wednesday morning.  That’s why housework is done on Tuesday.  Probably more than you really want to know.

Mike sacrifices his time in the shop to help out.  He vacuums his way through the house.  I clean bathrooms and kitchen.  It’s a pretty even split.

As I’m writing this, Mike returns to the shop to finish two pieces for shipping on Friday.  It’s a beautiful spring day, though, and we would much rather play hooky!

All Work and No Play?

Sometimes it certainly seems that way.  At least the windows are open while I’m in the office.  A refreshing breeze is blowing through the room.

But, hey!  I see that my SEO “green light” is on, so I’m good to go!

Hope you have a great day…