A long time ago when we were two years into the business, we said if we ever had 1,000 unique products we would quit.  Well.  We crossed that threshold this last week.  And the magic number is reached!

And The Magic Number Is 1000

That’s the funny thing about picking arbitrary numbers.  At the time, it seems like an impossible goal.  Not that it really was a goal.  We just thought the possibility of creating 1,000 unique products was next to impossible.

And the magic number we reached last week is…  You guessed it.  1,000!

Be Careful What You Wish For

It’s really true.  When we said we would quit the business if we reach 1,000 products, we thought it would never happen.  What we really meant was if we still enjoyed what we are doing, we’ll keep on working.

Pat’s a little behind on adding products to the website.  Today she added SMW967, a Pittsburgh skyline for a law office.  We try to add two or three a week, just to let Google know we’re still kicking.

So, yes in fact, we are currently at product number SMW1006.  That piece is actually a Bear Mountain Bigfoot Rescue sign.  You’re never quite sure what’s going to come your way.

And the magic number is – the sky’s the limit!

So, we really will keep doing what we do best.  Working with our client’s to create custom metal art for their homes and businesses.  And the magic number is????  We’re not making any more guesses!