Learn more about Pat Payne Millsap in this short narrative.

About Pat Payne Millsap

Hi!  Pat here.  I’m headed into my second (or third) life with the start of our new business, Sunriver Metal Works.  After retiring a few years ago, I wandered a bit trying to figure out just what I wanted to do from here on out.  Our move to Central Oregon last year was the change that Mike and I needed.  We found a beautiful home that fits Sunriver Metal Works to a “T”.  I can combine my organizational skills in running the business with my creative skills in helping develop the computer images used in crafting your unique metal work.  I’ll be the main blogger for our website.

I love nature, colors, knitting, beading, spinning (on my spinning wheel), living in Central Oregon, and being part of our new business.  And, most importantly, I love my life with Mike.  We are kindred spirits in many ways with just enough differences to make it interesting.

I am constantly entertained by my cat, AJ.  You may even see a video of him in the future playing fetch with little paper balls.  We have 2 German Shepherds (Rob and Skye), a black Lab (Casper), and 4 shop cats (Lucky, Katy, Sammi, and Cookie).

We are really excited about this new adventure and look forward to working with you in the future!

2/14/18 Update – Time goes by very quickly!  Five years after we started our business, changes aplenty.  Rob, Skye, and Casper left us one by one.  So have the cats Lucky, Kathy, and Cookie.  Our once young pup, Cutter, keeps us on the straight and narrow along with AJ.  Sammi keeps the mouse population at bay in the shop.  Our business keeps us very busy as we try to balance work with pleasure – specifically, camping.  We continue to focus on custom work, our main source of inspiration.  As long as it stays interesting, we’ll keep on keeping on!